Purpose, Mission, & Values

For more people to access the life changing benefits of participating in a mentor program, the process of creating and sustaining a mentor program needs to be easier and more affordable.

Ryan Wold, CEO at Tablmakr

Our purpose and mission

Purpose: Create technologies to support and grow communities that are doing amazing things.

Mission: Provide the technology to create and sustain 1 Million Mentor Programs by 2030.

The convergence of the great resignation and the pandemic of loneliness has created an unprecedented demand for mentor programs. The need for the sharing of wisdom and expertise has never been greater.

Our Values

Empower Human Brilliance | Join the Community | Always Be Learning
Be Focused | Practice Joy

Empower Human Brilliance

In our products: We believe everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. That is why our platform is designed to make it easy for people to be both a mentor and a mentee. At Tablmakr we make technologies that complement human brilliance. Our business model is correlated with how well we help people succeed, not how efficiently we exploit human vulnerabilities. Everything we do aims to empower the people who use Tablmakr products.

In our company: The most important work of our company leaders is to create the atmosphere where people feel safe to try new things, fail, learn, and try more new things. We hire people that are committed to pursuing excellence with integrity, and we do our best to make it easy for them to let their light shine.

Join the Community

In our products: The Tablmakr mentor program management platform is designed to strengthen niche communities through the power of mentorship. We make it easy for groups of people with shared interests and values to connect, whether they are within the same institution or spread out across the world.

In our company: Tablmakr exists due to the support of our community. A network of mentors, friends, family, and launch grants from leading institutions in the Twin Cities help keep Tablmakr going. We are located in the Twin Cities and aim to give back as much as we’ve received. Also, all members of the Tablmakr team are expected to be engaged in the communities relevant to their job function by joining trade associations and contributing thought leadership.

Always Be Learning

In our products: Mentorship is all about learning and sharing knowledge. The purpose of the Tablmakr mentor program management platform is to make it easier for people to learn and share knowledge.

In our company: At our core, we are a research company. Tablmakr was founded with the help of a launch grant our founder received from the University of Minnesota to translate his PhD research into a company that can address problems in higher education. We try to stay true to our research roots by constantly pushing the boundaries of our understanding, pursuing focused research questions, and exploring new possibilities.

Be Focused

In our products: Right now we are exclusively focused on making the world’s best mentor program management platform. That’s all we do. We also build our product in a way that demonstrates our reverence for each person’s time and attention. We want to help you focus on what’s important.

In our company: We give our teams and employees permission to focus on one thing at a time. To quote Eric Ries, the author of the Lean Startup, “Most startups don’t starve, they drown.” There are more good opportunities than there is time. Our time and attention is our most precious resource. We take the time to figure out what is important, then focus on doing only that.

Practice Joy

In our products: It’s fun to meet new people, build relationships, and learn一the Tablmakr mentor program management platform is designed to facilitate those activities.

In our company: Not only is it okay to enjoy life, not only is it fun, it is essential if you want to do meaningful work over a long period of time. By being present to the good things in our life and celebrating them, we are able to recognize the importance of working to create opportunities for the people who don’t currently have access to those same good things. So, yes, we do clap when a meeting ends early. And, yes, we do cheer out loud when clients send us positive feedback.

Tablmakr empowers human brilliance by engaging the community, learning, and building products in a focused and joyful way.

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