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How can I start using Tablmakr?
Right now the Beta version of Tablmakr is only available to our pilot partners. It will be available to the general public in 2023. You can sign up here to join the Tablmakr waiting list.
How can my mentor program become a Tablmakr Pilot Partner?
First, fill out the sign up form to request to be a Tablmakr Pilot Parter. Then we will reach out to you to find out if including your mentor program as a pilot partner would be a win/win. As a Pilot Partner your mentor program gets early access to the Tablmakr Mentor Program Management Platform and the ability to create multiple mentor programs for your organization. As a pilot partner you and your community will have the ability to provide feedback on the Tablmakr mentor program management platform, participate in usability testing, and access exclusive mentor program management training events. This can also be a great way for administrators of your mentor program to learn more about the participant perspective.
How much does Tablmakr cost?
Organizations pay a monthly rate based on the number of mentor programs they create. Since the Tablmakr Mentor Program management platform is still in Beta, public pricing is not yet available. However, if you schedule a demo we can provide you personalized pricing based on the needs of your organization.
How long does it take to set up a new mentor program in Tablmakr?
It depends on how clear you are about the goals for your mentor program. If your mentor program already has the goals, participation criteria, and list of potential participants, then you could get your mentor program live on Tablmakr in under 15 minutes. Defining your program goals, participation criteria, program calendar, and developing your list of potential participants are all things that can, and frankly should, be done slowly and intentionally. If you want help walking through these major decisions of creating a mentor program, sign up for a demo, and one of our mentor program experts would be happy to help you think through these decisions.
What type of mentor programs does Tablmakr work best?
If running a mentor program is one of the most important things you do, but you also do seven other really important things, Tablmakr might be right for you. Tablmakr was designed specifically to serve niche mentor programs at the ground level. We design and build for the needs of mentor program coordinators and mentor program participants, not abstract institutional metrics. Our pilot partners are all higher ed mentor programs with 20-50 matches. But what makes Tablmakr unique is that it is designed to help mentor program coordinators in any type of institution to create an easy workflow for participants and clearly communicate the value of the program to all stakeholders. So, Tablmakr could be used effectively anywhere there is a group of people with shared interests with the need to connect experience with potential (Ex. New employee mentor programs, Meetup groups, professional associations, Startup Accelerators etc.)
I run more than one mentor program, could Tablmakr help with that?
Yes, Tablmakr is designed to help organizations respond to their complex and intersecting mentoring needs. For example, an academic department leader could quickly create a mentor program for 1st gen students and a separate mentor program for new faculty, all from the same dashboard.
Does Tablmakr provide any useful analytics?
Yes, from the admin panel you can see the number of participants and other information that might be relevant to you such as a list of student majors or a list of all the volunteer mentors’ job titles. Also, no need to fret when it’s time to create your annual report, because Tablmakr makes it easy for you to collect, organize, and share all those great participant testimonials.
How do you pronounce Tablmakr? Why is that the company name?
It’s pronounced like “Table Maker.” Mentors and mentees often meet at a table at a coffee shop, by creating the technologies to make those meetings possible we are kind of making the table, hence the name Tablmakr. (And it doesn’t have E’s because a URL without E’s was 1,000 times cheaper).
Is Tablmakr hiring?
We’re so grateful you’re interested. Please click here to get involved!

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